An unhappy customer is able to share their negative experience with hundreds and thousands of people. One cannot afford to be complacent. We provide both training and consulting services to help you grow your customer base, increase your loyalty and exceed customer expectations by helping you recognise the role of emotions, behaviours and understand different customer personalities. You will learn how to identify if a customer complaint is linked to a process, system or people issue. You will also recognise moments of magic and moments of pain by creating a customer journey map and identify key customer touch points.

We provide a range of programmes depending on your needs. From working with your senior leadership team to helping your managers and customer facing employees to learn to see a business process through their customer glasses.  We partner with CEM experts, Delight Consulting to provide innovative customer experience training programmes. 


For Leaders and team members

We provide 1-2 day workshops depending on your needs.


    • Customer profiles
    • Voice of the customer
    • Customer Journey mapping


For Leaders and team members

This self-paced online course will encourage you to understand the importance of Customer Experience, the environment in which Customer Experience takes place and the influence Customer Experience has on


For Leaders and team members

We provide consulting services to create a gap analysis based on key CX measures for your company and we coach team members using the customer experience model




Our strategy solutions 

Purpose-Led Leadership

People Strategy

Change Management

Deployment Strategy