Become a future leader in your organisation

The Emerging Leader has the potential to be a future leader in any organisation. As this may be their first experience as a Leader, it is important to ensure they are operating from a strong foundation. The Emerging Leader is aimed at teaching key skills around communication, building teams, managing conflict, facilitating effective meetings or workshops and motivating team members.


  • 3 days of expert training


Practical workshops, course manual and attendance certificate


SA flagR6,999 (excl.vat)


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  • Highlight the characteristics of a World-Class Organisation (WCO)
  • Define your customer’s needs (internal and external customer)
  • Identify your personality profile and the importance of adapting your leadership style to suit your followers
  • Describe and apply techniques used to communicate skilfully
  • Apply the principles of time management
  • Develop vision, goals and values for your team
  • Facilitate effective meetings to achieve desired outcomes
  • Determine the elements of achieving a World-Class culture (focused improvements, 8 types of waste, 5S)
  • Describe and apply the stages of the PDCA model (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Apply the A3 problem solving technique
  • Apply root cause analysis techniques (5Whys, Brainstorming and Fishbone)
  • Discuss the importance of applying Visual Management that drives performance
  • Define motivation and identify ways to motivate your team and achieve your teams vision/objective/mission
  • Apply techniques to engage your team to enable them to perform optimally
  • Discuss and apply the principles of delegation
  • Includes:
  • Course manual
  • 3 days classroom training
  • Practical application
  • Attendance Certificate


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