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What does Lean mean to you? Is it a process or a way of being? Breakthrough Thinking is TLC’s very own course designed to create innovative thinking, break existing thought patterns and highlight how being world class is about your strategy (Execution Cycle) and your way of being. Designed with Business leaders in mind, it creates a burning platform to think differently while being exposed to the key Lean tools to assist you on your operational excellence journey.

  • Recognise the importance of innovative thinking, breaking patterns and different approaches to problem solving
  • Compare the characteristics of a Lean world class business and your company
  • Explain the execution cycle and the importance in balancing purpose, process and people to achieve results
  • Define business purpose and effectiveness; market changes, customer needs, vision and value proposition
  • Identify the system factors within your operating model and how they drive behaviours and results
  • Identify the gaps in how we identify and solve problems, share information and deliver value
  • Determine how we sustain change within your company
  • Summarise the key actions you will take to drive Lean world class behaviours in your business
  • Course manual
  • 1 day workshop
  • Expert training
  • Rope game
  • X/Y money game
  • Watch the need for Change Video
  • Execution Cycle (Flashcard activity)


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