Lean Six Sigma Statistical Analysis tools are used to graphically represent your data. TLC are licensed re-sellers of SigmaXL and Minitab software.


SigmaXL is a cost-effective and easy to use tool that enables users to measure, analyse, improve and control their transactional and manufacturing processes. As an add in the Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is a popular choice for Lean Six Sigma training and projects. TLC is a licensed re-seller of SigmaXL. Get in touch with us [email protected] to get a quote!


Minitab provides the tools you need to analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest business problems. Minitab provides features that streamline your workflow with a comprehensive set of statistics for exploring your data and graphs for communicating your success. Individual and group licenses are available. Get in touch with us [email protected] for a quote.