Did you know that over 70% of projects involving major change are not successful in achieving their goals because of failure to manage the “human” reaction to change? Many of us are not equipped to deal with exponential change and only change resilient people will be successful in these uncertain times.

If you are looking for a proven methodology and toolset to guide you through the unprecedented change we face, then sign up now for our Disruptive Change eLearning course. Managing change is a critical skill for leaders. Learn how to drive bottom-line results through changes in systems and behaviours. Remember that change is a process.

        • Equip yourself and your team with leading edge tools to manage the speed of change we are experiencing. Use the neuroscience insights to understand why people find change so difficult and why it registers as pain in our brain.
        • Use an expert toolkit to guide you through every step of the process (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Stick)
        • Gain insight into the Change Acceleration Process Model (CAPS) from our first-hand experience with large multi-national corporates leading change

• Create a foundation using the principles of change and the change curve
• Identify the importance of being resilient in an ever- changing world
• Select a change strategy depending on your change implementation plan
• Create a change and communication plan
• Identify how to involve and communicate with stakeholders through learning key tools for stakeholder management
• Use the DISC communication styles to develop a better understanding of yourself and how to relate to your team
• Change behaviour using the ABC-BOC model and define the 6 System Factors to institutionalise Change

• 3 months access to the online Change course
• Disruptive Change eBook per phase
• Disruptive Change Toolkit and Templates
• Disruptive Change eBook per phase
• Disruptive Change Standard Certification Administration
• Simulated project
• Online exam
• International Certification

Q: How does eLearning work with The Leadership Centre?

A: You will receive login details to access the course material online through the eLearning portal . You will download the eBook and course templates to read in your own time.

Q: What are the advantages of eLearning?

A: You can study anywhere without the limitation of a classroom environment. eLearning is increasing in popularity because it is such a convenient way to learn. It is a cost effective option and the eBook is self-explanatory to make sure you can apply the tools you are learning.

Q: Will I receive an international certification?

A: Yes. The Leadership Centre is accredited through IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training). Your Certification will be recognised globally.

Q: What is a CEU?

A: A CEU means Continuing Education Unit. We are authorised to issue these as an IACET training provider. 10 hours of study time equals 1 CEU. Professionals across a variety of industries seek continuing education units which can positively impact on your career and personal growth

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