This course will encourage you to understand the importance of Customer Experience, the environment in which Customer Experience takes place and the influence Customer Experience has on day-to-day operations. Focus is placed on giving you an opportunity to explore and implement the Customer Experience model through your own personal experiences within your company and as a customer yourself.

Customer Experience has been identified as the next competitive battleground. In an ever-changing world where customers have the ability to research products, shop around the world and share their views with hundreds and thousands of other people, one cannot afford to be complacent. Identifying your customers as well as understanding their needs will set you apart from your competitors.

We are involved in our own personal customer experiences daily. The way in which we are treated and the ease of doing business are key influences for us when recommending a company or making a repeat purchase. Our Customer Experience Management programme will help you to look at your business processes from your customers’ perspective, identify problematic areas using Customer Experience measures and enable you to enhance your customers’ experience by placing them at the core of your business.

• Identify characteristics of today’s customer
• Recognise the importance of understanding your Customers’ experience
• Identify who your Customers are (Internal and External)
• Describe the Customer Experience Model
• Create a Customer Journey Map for your business
• Create a proposed action plan to present to your management team

• 1 month online access
• Voice over narrations
• eBook 
• CEM template
• Standard Certification Administration
• Online exam
• International Certification

Q: How does eLearning work with The Leadership Centre?

A: You will receive login details to access the course material online through the eLearning portal . You will download the eBook and course templates to read in your own time.

Q: What are the advantages of eLearning?

A: You can study anywhere without the limitation of a classroom environment. eLearning is increasing in popularity because it is such a convenient way to learn. It is a cost effective option and the eBook is self-explanatory to make sure you can apply the tools you are learning.

Q: Will I receive an international certification?

A: Yes. The Leadership Centre is accredited through IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training). Your Certification will be recognised globally.

Q: What is a CEU?

A: A CEU means Continuing Education Unit. We are authorised to issue these as an IACET training provider. 10 hours of study time equals 1 CEU. Professionals across a variety of industries seek continuing education units which can positively impact on your career and personal growth

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