5S in the workplace

The 5S’s reference the 5 steps involved in getting your workplace in order all beginning with the letter “S”. Namely, Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. 5S has become part of the foundation of the more widely used House of Lean which includes standardised work and visual management. Benefits of 5S:

1.       It creates a way of thinking and a culture

2.       It encourages problem solving and embraces challenge and change

3.       It places value on continuous improvement in all spheres.

4.       It places value on people, unlocks their purpose and empowers them.


The below 5 Steps are recommended to accelerate and sustain a 5S Culture:

Step 1: We facilitate a 2 hour workshop for your Executives and Managers.
This is an overview of the 5S programme roll-out and a positioning workshop to get everyone’s buy in and to select a model area.

Step 2: Accelerate 5S
Factory waste walk and define 5S Standard for model area (1 day). Develop the 5S rollout plan (1 day), implement 5S Standard for model area and customise 5S Awareness training (1 day)

Step 3: Deliver 5S Awareness training (1.5 days – Customise and Delivery training)
The practical 5S workshops will be approximately 40/60 theory to practical split. They will include TLC’s 5S game, and a waste walk.  We will share examples of 5S in practice and assist your team with their own 5S implementation and how to sustain this initiative by completing 5S audits and awards for the best team.

Step 4: Audit Kick-Off – Audit, Coach, Compete
Manage Implementation of the Rollout Plan,  Develop a 5S Lean Competition, coach, audit and score. Provide monthly audit report of above areas – Score and Improvements.  Assist in presenting Audit findings and  Awards Ceremony

Step 5: 5S Audit Sustain – Audit, Coach, Compete
Audit, coach and compete. Our recommendation is to schedule 2 rounds of step 5 to sustain the programme until this skill is transferred internally. We will continue on a monthly retainer for one audit round per month thereafter to support sustaining 5S as required with the aim of transferring the program and skill to develop internal capability.

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This course develops part time resources with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma to support business improvement projects. 

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Learn to solve complex problems by applying the DMAIC methodology and statistical analysis