There is an insatiable hunger for talented managers in Corporate World. With that in mind, companies are trying to recruit new and fast-track existing talent to help them solve their biggest problems. Finding and hiring the “real deal” is getting harder. The risk is that a company hires someone who has a carefully crafted CV and sounds very convincing in an interview only to find out they fall short in executing on their promises. On the other hand, promoting someone to management without providing them with the necessary skills to be successful can be a setback for both the individual and the company. With this in mind, we have created a leadership development programme for junior, middle and senior managers to improve their personal effectiveness as a leader. Our vision for a dynamic leadership development programme includes the following:

•          There is a common understanding of the leadership dimensions and expected behaviours

•          The company values are alive and lived on a daily basis

•          The customer is at the heart of the business

•          Communication is improved at all levels, both vertically and horizontally

•          Employees are engaged in problem-solving and thinking innovatively

•          Leaders are team facilitators and coaches

•          Innovative thinking is at the core of the business and a Continuous Improvement culture is embedded

•          All People Practices are aligned to creating an enabling work environment

•          Employees are using knowledge to improve the effectiveness of processes

•          Team-working is across boundaries

Our FLAME (Future, Leader, Action, Motivation, Edge) training programmes continue to be one of our highest rated programmes for New Managers, Middle Management and Executives. At TLC we have years of experience across many industries from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Construction, Auto Manufacturing, Mining, and other High Volume Manufacturing environments to Banking, Financial Services, Supply-Chain Management, HR and other transactional environments.  The golden thread throughout all our leadership programmes is the focus on Continuous Improvement and the important role that leaders play to support this type of culture and environment.

These courses are full of practical exercises that enable learners to practice the tools in a safe environment enabling them with the confidence to use the tools in the real-world. Our leadership programmes include personal assessments (communication and conflict handling style), a 360 review process, practical training sessions and individual coaching. Leaders embark on this journey and gain insight into their leadership style and recognise the impact their actions have on others.


The cornerstone of any organisational transformation programme is a carefully constructed and robust Change Management strategy. The TLC Change Strategy includes a comprehensive stakeholder analysis in order to develop a communication plan aimed at responding to a Client’s adaptive challenges and potential resistance to change. The purpose is to ensure that all stakeholders fully comprehend the necessity for change and how it ultimately affects or benefits them, their work and the organization. In order to ensure long lasting change, it is important to address the system factors enabling the current way. This course is based on the latest research in Change Management, incorporating John Kotter’s 8 steps to Change and TLC’s firsthand experience with the General Electric’s (GE) CAPS Model Change Acceleration Process. The programme is practical, demonstrating how to manage change utilising effective tools and real world examples. Learn to create the vision, plan the change, produce quick wins and effectively communicate the change plans. Attend a 3 or 5 days classroom training course or complete your studies online via TLC’s exclusive eLearning portal, The Leadership Centre.


Developing skills in the workplace is essential to supporting business growth, achieving individual career aspirations, and reaching your company B-BBEE targets. At TLC we provide both Learnership and Internship programmes to support your training plans.

What is a Learnership?

·         A Learnership is SETA accredited to multiple unit standards and takes up to 30 days of training over a 12 month period.

·         Learnerships are facilitated and assessed by accredited facilitators.

·         There are four way contracts between the learner, the employer, service provider and SETA.

·         The salaries and learnership costs count towards the Skills Development spend

TLC is accredited for Business Administration NQF Level 3 for any individual involved in the Administration function in any organization or business in any sector. Our second accredited learnership is the Generic Management NQF Level 4 which is intended for junior managers of business units in medium and large organizations, or those aspiring to these positions. Junior managers include: team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads.

What is an Internship?

·         An Internship is a programme that is run by an accredited institution.

·         The learner signs an Internship contract.

·         An Internship includes theoretical training and a workplace application project.

·         It does not need to be SETA registered or administered.

·         The salaries and training costs count towards the Skills Development spend.

·         The learner is assessed and receives a certificate.

What are the benefits for your company?

The learner salaries count towards the skills development training spend. You will achieve points for training employed and unemployed people on the category B skills matrix. Our Internships enable you to maximise your B-BBEE scorecard, develop people and solve problems at the same time.  Learners will receive a level 4 international qualification.

TLC provides the following Internships:

·         Customer Experience Management

·         Lean Leader

·         The Conscious Leader


TLC offers a Problem-solving Skills programme which draws from material used in the NQF4 learnership qualification titled “Further Education and Training Certificate in Generic Management” (SAQA ID 57712). The programme includes 4 days of classroom training, an assessment and SETA registration and administration. It includes continuous improvement tools to effectively problem solve, make decisions and implement solutions. Participants will learn how to collect, sample and interpret data. They will define a problem using the A3 problem solving method, apply root cause analysis and create an implementation plan to sustain the solution.

This programme will earn national credits for each learner against this qualification, which would be highly relevant should they choose to embark on the programme in future.  This may be of interest to the learners, especially if their current formal qualifications are limited.

It will also automatically qualify as ‘Category E’ for Skills Development and accrue points towards your B-BBEE scorecard.  The programme requires additional administration to register learners with SETA and submit results from individual assessments.


TLC provide business improvement, leadership training and short business skills programmes as classroom training and online.  Training programmes include Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management, Business Process Management, Train the Trainer, Business Improvement Consulting services, Learnerships, Skills Programmes and short business skills courses. TLC also offers project coaching and deployment support for programme management.