Online courses for leadership development and operational excellence

The Leadership Centre was established by Training Leadership Consulting as our online learning Centre of Excellence. We developed The Leadership Centre to increase the flexibility for our customers who are seeking professional growth and who require a more creative approach to achieving their personal goals. The Leadership Centre eLearning portal was designed for individuals and teams looking to extend their professional education as blended learning (classroom and online) or as a pure eLearning approach without the limitations of classroom-based training. Our eLearning platform makes professional education accessible for anyone, at anytime who wishes to focus on their career development.

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  Certification eLearning Open Enrollment Onsite
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt tick tick tick tick
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt tick tick tick tick
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt  tick tick tick tick
Lean FOCUS Certification  tick tick tick tick
Change Management  tick tick tick tick
Intro to Lean and Six Sigma  tick tick tick tick
  Certification eLearning Open Enrollment Onsite
Administrative Support tick tick   tick
Assertiveness & Self-Confidence tick tick   tick
Business Ethics           Get your FREE eCourse now (Coupon code: be2015) tick tick   tick
Business Etiquette tick tick   tick
Business Writing tick tick   tick
Conflict Resolution tick tick   tick
Critical Thinking  tick tick   tick
Creative Problem Solving tick tick   tick
Emotional Intelligence tick tick   tick
Interpersonal Skills  tick tick   tick
Knowledge Management  tick tick   tick
Managing Workplace Anxiety  tick  tick   tick
Negotiation Skills tick tick   tick
Networking & Public Relations  tick tick   tick
Organisational Skills  tick  tick   tick
Personal Productivity tick tick   tick
Stress Management tick tick   tick
Time Management  tick  tick   tick
  Certification eLearning Open Enrollment Onsite
Coaching & Mentoring  tick tick   tick
Delivering Constructive Criticism  tick tick   tick
Employee Onboarding  tick tick   tick
Employee Motivation  tick tick   tick
Leadership & Influence  tick tick   tick
Performance Management  tick tick   tick
Project Management  tick  tick   tick
Teamwork & Team Building tick  tick   tick
Safety In The Workplace tick tick   tick
Manager Management tick  tick   tick
Meeting Management tick  tick   tick
  Certification eLearning Open Enrollment Onsite
Customer Service  tick  tick   tick
Call Centre Training  tick  tick   tick
Customer Experience Management  tick tick   tick
  Certification eLearning Open Enrollment Onsite
Excel 2013 Advanced  tick  tick    
Excel 2013 Basic  tick  tick    
PowerPoint 2013 Advanced  tick tick    
PowerPoint 2013 Basic  tick tick    
Word 2013 Advanced tick tick    
Word 2013 Basic  tick tick    


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