What is a Value Stream Map?

A Value Stream Map (VSM) is  a visual representation of the value, information and material flow steps of a specific product or service within an organization. VSM sessions teach participants to see the organization through the customer’s eyes. A VSM is a powerful approach to help a team/company to identify and eliminate waste in their […]

Process Standardisation: What actually happens by Grant Davis

The creator of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Taiichi Ohno, said: “Without stability there can be no improvement.” Most companies will admit that process standardisation is important yet it always gets pushed lower on their prioritised objectives. I will not deny that sometimes the reasons for this are relevant, such as time, resources and other […]

The Kaizen Philosophy and how it can impact your Company’s efficiency

What is Kaizen? The Japanese definition of Kaizen is simply continuous improvement.  The goal of Kaizen is to identify and eliminate activities in processes that add waste but do not add value. It is a problem solving approach and will assist you to understand the importance of sustaining solutions by performing ongoing improvements.  This enables […]

Key Learnings becoming a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

“ON AVERAGE, I DRINK EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER A DAY” Wow! What an excellent performance! So it seems from a distance, until one scrutinizes this performance from a viewpoint of a set standard, which is primarily that of the customer… it might after all not be what it seems. If I do not drink water […]

The benefits of Standardisation by Latiff Cherono

The need for standards: We are all aware of the various bodies that provide guidelines and standardisation in all aspects of our daily lives, from Education, Hotels, Banking, and Health Services to Manufacturing. The main purpose of these organisations is to provide a consistent level of service, within their specific industry, across national and local […]

Return to Business Basics by Rick McCarthy

WHEN it comes to improving your business it sometimes appears that we are overlooking the obvious, which is to focus on the basics: 1.Focus on quality 2.Reduce customer lead time 3.Quicken cash flow 4.Reduce cost/increase profit 5.Improve employee morale With so many options that range from IT solutions and process automation to Lean and Six […]

Classroom Training dates for 2013 now available

Training Leadership Consulting (TLC), South Africa announces their 2013 OPEN ENROLMENT dates for Lean Six Sigma, Lean for Services and Leadership Development in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal due to the popular demand for these courses. Bookings can be made online at www.tlcglobal.co.za Seats for the newly revised Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course […]

Key elements to becoming a leader

At the age of 28, I found myself heading up a division of an Insurance Company, which was part of General Electric, in the USA. As the only woman on the Leadership team and ten years junior to most of the others I felt out of my depth. What did I know about Leadership? How […]

Become a Data Analyst

Training Leadership Consulting releases the latest revision of its Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course 21 August, 2012 – Training Leadership Consulting (TLC), South Africa announces OPEN ENROLMENT dates for its newly revised Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. Week one of the course commences on the 15th October 2012 in Johannesburg. Since launching, there […]