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Week 1: 26 February – 2 March 2018

Week 2: -9 – 13 April 2018

Venue: Midrand Conference Centre, JHB




SA flagR34,000 (excl.vat) Valid until 31 January 2018

eLearning only
(excluding printed course books)

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Boost your career with our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification:

Become an expert problem solver and lead successful improvement projects in your company while supported by experienced Black Belts. In our opinion we know that real-world scenarios provide the practical application of the Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence tools and that’s why we’ve included simulations and interactive learning exercises to help keep you focused throughout your  learning experience.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project leaders play an important role in a maturing Lean Six Sigma deployment. Learn how to apply skills in project management, process management, Lean, change management and statistical analysis to your work area while continuing to perform in your primary role.


    • Solve complex problems, limit defects and variability in your processes by applying the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) method while supported by experienced Black Belts.
    • Learn how to apply skills in project management, process management, Lean, change management and statistical analysis.
    • Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt classroom training course is delivered through TLC’s state-of-the-art, interactive, flash, video and audio eLearning system – complete with engaging visual content, simulations, real-world case studies and progressive learning stages that are controlled by tollgates where you must complete quizzes to progress to the next phase and to the comprehensive exam.
    • This course was developed by experienced Master Black Belts using real life data and values to ensure you can apply the tools practically in your work environment

 Reserve your place in this internationally accredited training course today.

Our eLearning portal and certification body, The Leadership Centre is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU


TLC’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course is aligned to the ISO 13053 Global Standard for Lean Six Sigma Training



  • Explain Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology
  • Determine the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Translate the VOC to Critical To Quality measures (CTQ)
  • Apply skills in project management, process management, lean, change management, and statistical analysis
  • Identify your role in a successful Lean Six Sigma deployment
  • Select and scope, define and lead Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Transition projects from phase to phase
  • Evaluate and Close out projects upon completion
  • Propose projects to peers, managers and senior leadership
  • Apply methods learned in the DMAIC process to business issues
  • Apply statistical analysis to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs
  • Use controls to sustain gains
  • Manage team dynamics
  • Navigate statistical analysis software (SigmaXL or Minitab)
  • Includes:
  • 10 days Classroom Training
  • 6 months online access
  • LSS Green Belt eBook per phase
  • LSS Green Belt Standard Certification Administration
  • Simulated Project
  • Toolkit and Templates
  • SigmaXL License (Perpetual License)
  • Online Exam
  • International Certification
  • Add R4250 for Advanced Certification

The Define phase is where you learn to understand your customer, define and scope your problem.
Lesson 1.1: What is Lean and Six Sigma
Phase 2: DEFINE
Lesson 2.1: Introduction
Lesson 2.2: VOC to CTQ’s
Lesson 2.3: Project Charter
Phase 3: MEASURE
This is the phase where you look at the evidence and measure the problem.
Lesson 3.1: Introduction
Lesson 3.2: Process Mapping
Lesson 3.3: Basic Stats Part 1
Lesson 3.4: Process Capability
Lesson 3.5: Identifying inputs
Lesson 3.6: Screening inputs
Lesson 3.7: Data Collection Methodology
Phase 4: ANALYSE
This is the phase where you discover the root causes.
Lesson 4.1: Introduction
Lesson 4.2: Plan for Analyse
Lesson 4.3: Displaying Data
Lesson 4.4: Statistical Tools
Lesson 4.5: Correlation and Regression
Lesson 4.6: Analyse Process ‘8 Types of Waste’
Lesson 4.6: Analyse Process ‘Analyse Process Constraints’
Lesson 4.6: Analyse Process ‘Value Add and Non-Value Add’
Lesson 4.6: Analyse Process ‘Validate Root Causes’
Phase 5: IMPROVE
This is the phase where you implement solutions.
Lesson 5.1: Introduction
Lesson 5.2: Creating Ideas
Lesson 5.3: Creating and Prioritising Solution
Lesson 5.4: Lean Tools
Lesson 5.5: Risk Assessment
Lesson 5.6: Implementing Plan
Phase 6: CONTROL
This is the phase where you sustain the improvement.
Lesson 6.1: Introduction
Lesson 6.2: Control Charts and SPC
Lesson 6.3: Control Plan
Lesson 6.4: Error Proofing and Behavioural Controls
Lesson 6.5: Handover Solution
Lesson 6.6: Sustain Changes

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